Seat of the DTIC – former Gatehouse

From the very beginning of the Cistercian abbey, the Gatehouse served as a tower with a gate leading inside – in the middle of its plastered façade one can still see the brick arch of the vault over the bricked up passage. One of its walls run towards the further corner of the western wall of the Basilica, and the other along the Wierzyca River, at a distance from the parallel monastery buildings. The central (northern), oldest part of the building was erected in the 15th century. The Gatehouse was rebuilt in the years 1619-1649, crowning the building with Renaissance gables. In 1847 it was extended to the west, and in 1910 to the east. The southern part of the building is a former stable which was probably built in the middle of the 19th century.

The Gatehouse now houses the seat of the Diocesan Tourist Information Centre (DTIC), which controls the pilgrimage and tourist movements in the area of the Medieval Post-Cistercian Abbey. The works that will cover the historic building include repairs of the roof and sheet-metal coverings, walls and ceilings, façade, electrical and sanitary installations – including adjusting toilets for the disabled.

House of the Artist – former House of the Sisters

The House of the Sisters was established in the first half of the 20th century. It is known that in 1835 it was adapted for a singing school. The three-storey building with a simple shape on a rectangular plan and a gable roof is made of red brick.

Technical condition of the building is bad, the biggest problem is dampness that destroys the walls. In addition to the façade, the rafter framing and the old heating, sanitary, electrical and ventilation systems must undergo a thorough renovation.

The former House of the Sisters will house the House of the Artist, and its interiors will be adapted to face the new function. Rooms will be separated, a new staircase will be constructed, floors and inner doors will be replaced.

KCEC – modern library building

The old library building dates back to the late 1980s and is in a very bad condition. Above all, it requires immediate structural reinforcement. The floors, inner doors and roof window will be replaced as part of the renovation. Electrical and sanitary installations will be modernised.

The currently closed library building will house the Kociewian Centre for Education and Culture (KCEC). Its interiors will be rebuilt and will include a new staircase to meet the needs of the Centre.

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