Trails of Kociewie

We invite you for a cycling trip or a walking tour among the picturesque landscapes of the Walichnowy Lowlands. Discover the cultural trails of Kociewie with its richness of architecture and sacred art.


Pomeranian Cistercian Trail Pelplin Node

The Pomeranian Cistercian trail stretches between Pelplin, Oliwa, Żarnowiec, Bukowo Morskie near Koszalin, Koronowo, Toruń and Chełmno.

Pelplin with its well-preserved abbey is a pearl of this trail, but it is not the only place worth visiting. The whole surrounding region, full of Cistercian relics, is noteworthy. Within reach of the cycling trip are, among others, the 14th century church in Nowa Cerkiew, the village Królów Las with a mill and a church from the 14th century, a parish church in Rajkowy,
a chapel in Nowy Dwór Pelpliński.

Pomeranian Way of Saint James Pelplin Route

Way of Saint James consists of a network of pilgrimage routes, which have existed for over
a thousand years, leading to the tomb of St. James on the north-western edge of Europe, in the Spanish town of Santiago de Compostela. Traversed since the Middle Ages by crowds of pilgrims from all parts of the continent, it has become a symbol of the European unity. One of its routes led from Kaliningrad, through Elbląg, Gdańsk, Kołobrzeg, Szczecin.

The reconstructed Pelplin Route will connect the Pomeranian Route with Toruń and the network of St. James's routes in Kujawy. The picturesque trail will cover many attractive places for tourists, such as Gniew and Grudziądz, as well as nature reserves in Małe Wiosło and Śnieżynka.


Trail of churches of Pomeranian Dukes

The trial of Gothic churches founded by the Pomeranian dukes of the Sobiesław family will run through the environmentally valuable areas of the Tuchola Forest. On the route you will see smaller, rural churches – wooden and with frame construction – in villages dating back to the Middle Ages. The Trial is scheduled to launch in August 2022.


Trail of Marian Shrines

The currently reconstructed trial leading through the charming areas will connect all of the most important Marian Shrines of Kociewie. The Trial is scheduled to launch in August 2022.

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